Nurse Owned

Owned and operated by nurses who understand the industry and understand the demands of being a healthcare professionsal.

Wide variety of locations

We are constantly expanding our list of clients, providing the highest quality staff to locations across the US.

Nurse Benefits

We provide competitive benefits such as:
401K, Medical, Vision, Dental, PTO, and Holiday Pay.

About On demand nurse staffing

Built by nurses for nurses

For more than 30 years, our Founder & CEO has worked in the medical field – as an RN, Travel RN, CEO, CNO, & DON. While she has found her time in the field to be immensely rewarding and fulfilling, she also noticed a problem – one she thought she knew how to fix. She watched as institutions struggled to staff their facilities with qualified, reliable, experienced staff. She saw nurses frustrated with their assignments, and, at times, with their agencies. The lack of transparency, sometimes unfair compensation, and an inability to listen to their clinicians and adapt was leaving her colleagues feeling unhappy in their roles. She knew that she could do better – so On Demand Nurse Staffing was born.

Travel Nursing

Why travel with ODN Staffing?

Travel nursing provides great opportunities across the country for nurses in all specialties.


Go where you want

There are hospitals with staffing needs across the country, giving you the ability to find the contracts you want in the locations you love!



With the ability to pick contracts when and where you desire, you have the flexibility to decide when you want to take time off between contracts!


Higher Pay

Travel nurses not only have more options about how they earn their money, they consistently earn a higher income than staff nurses!


New Places

With locations all across the country, traveling with On Demand Nurse Staffing is a great opportunity to see new places while getting paid for it!


New Faces

Along with new places, you will have the opportunity to meet and work with many new, exciting people from all over The United States!


New Experiences

With new environments and new people comes new experiences, which will help you further develop your skillset, allowing for continued growth in your field!

Thorough Vetting

Because On Demand Nurse Staffing is owned and operated by nurses, we are able to properly assess our candidates qualifications and find you the best candidate for your needs.

Staff you need when you need it

With an ever growing pool of qualified candidates, On Demand Nurse Staffing can staff positions in a timely manner to keep your hospital in compliance and running smoothly.

A staffing agency that cares

On Demand Nurse Staffing was created with the sole intent of improving the staffing agency experience for nurses and hospitals alike.  We strive to provide the best candidates while providing them the most benefits.

High quality staff

Thanks to years of experience in the medical field, the recruiters at ODN Staffing are uniquely qualified to find the best candidate for your needs.

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